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Welcome to SpeedWind Telecom!

We strive to create maximum online brand awareness in the wholesale and retail segments and offer our customers the entire spectrum of VoIP business solutions. Utilizing the latest VoIP technology we deliver top quality services and allow clients to leverage by providing the global infrastructure that enables them to expand to international markets quickly and efficiently.

We are able to consistently deliver top quality services to its clients by bringing together highly talented people in a creative, collaborative environment. Our dedicated, trained and experienced professionals are always available to help our customers improve their results.

SpeedWind role in the VOIP domain as a VOIP magic charm. As a VOIP service provider, SpeedWind ensure that our wholesale VOIP and resale VOIP customers are able to make the most of the innovative VOIP solutions and VOIP services to expand the scope and nature of their VOIP businesses. As VOIP providers of repute, SpeedWind ensure that the VOIP business efficiencies of our VOIP clients are among the best in the VOIP industry. SpeedWind also ensure that the margins for its VOIP resellers and VOIP carriers are among the best in this sector.

SpeedWind telecom portfolio includes Premium and Standard VoIP A-Z termination services that targets transit carriers and corporate subscribers.SpeedWind is a next-generation telecom service provider specializing in wholesale voice aggregation / transit / termination services. We have a strong focus on niche markets in the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East, African Countries. We take pride in being one of the major wholesale VoIP carriers for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Egypt, Ethiopia, ChinaEtc. In addition, the support of our technical team is offered on a 24x7 basis. We ensure that our response time is minimum and quality of resolution as per our customer's requirements. We take pride in our low cost structure, and pass on the benefit to our customers with the best service and prices in the industry. Regardless of you being an incumbent carrier, mobile operator, LDI operator, Calling-card operator, broadband telephony service provider, call-center, or even a small call-shop owner, we are equipped with the right VoIP systems and expertise to serve your wholesale voice needs efficiently and effectively.

SpeedWind is acclaimed internationally for its reliability and ensures complete satisfaction for itsVoIP partners.

Why SpeedWind communications.

Rapid access to a multitude of VoIP routes on every populated continent - we can often find working VoIP routes to specific destinations when other VoIP companies cannot.
Reliable VoIP quality and VoIP traffic stability supported by the maintenance of multiple VoIP carriers on all VoIP routes.
Support of all major VoIP interconnectivity standards, allowing us to partner with ever greater numbers of VoIP companies of varying sizes and capabilities.
Technical support from an experienced, highly VoIP trained and responsive staff.
The personalized, round-the-clock attention of our VoIP Carrier Relations Manager - you're not just an "account" to us.

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