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Our network is monitored 24x7x365. We strive to provide fast and knowledgeable support to empower our partners and customers to run their business smoothly and without any hassles.Our Services are specifically tailored to provide international A - Z whole sale termination of both premium as well as standard quality of VOIP traffic around the world with best possible aggressive rates.

We know how important it is for you to offer competitive services to your clients and that is why we passionately work on providing you with the most competitive rates and quality service in the VoIP market. Our team backed up with highly professional technical concept with practical knowledge of today's VoIP business platform. Our success is maintained by the talent, skill, and experience of our consulting and management teams. We invest heavily in cross-training our consultants, which has given us one of the best technically skilled and well-rounded teams in the industry.

Our highest quality premium product is more than 90% CLI routes; some which are from direct Providers, which contains the highest voice quality available in today's market. It is intended for retail traffic, mobile operators, and calling card companies.

SpeedWind is able to customize this product for customers who have a high traffic volume for specific destinations. We do not require our customers to use our other rate decks in order to take advantage of our aggressive rates. As a matter of fact, we might be able to offer you more aggressive rates for certain destinations, depending on the volume of traffic.

Service Level Agreement is agreed with each interconnect partner, quantifying resolution times and key performance indicators for fixes, as well as an escalation matrix.

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